Bill O’Reilly STILL Stumped By Tides: ‘How Did the Moon Get There’

Bill O’reilly wowed us all last month with his reason for believing in god: “how else do you explain the tides?” Now he’s admitting the moon causes the tides, but he’s got a new question: How did the moon get there?

Bill O'Reilly STILL Stumped By Tides: 'How Did the Moon Get There'

Bill O’Reilly showed what it means to be a “Premium Member” of a couple days ago, taking a question from a fan to explain the existence of Almighty God.

Perplexed over Bill O’Reilly’s reasoning on his show last month in which he argued with an atheist that god must exist because “science can’t explain the tides,” a premium member of recently wrote for clarification: “What do you mean when you refer to the tides when you are asked about the existence of God? Science explains the tides… the moon’s gravity pulls the oceans.”

O’Reilly lines up for the mulligan, and takes the same exact shot:

“You have an order in the universe—tide comes in, tide goes out. Okay, the moon does it, but how’d the moon get there? Who put it there? Did it just happen?”

Yes, Bill. It just happened. The universe expanded after the big bang, matter cooled and coagulated, forming elements and gravity, which attracted celestial bodies and gave shape to… oh forget it, there’s not enough room to squeeze it all in here. But someone really needs to treat this guy to a college-level cosmology course.

“As I’ve said many times,” he concludes, “It takes more faith to not believe, and to think this was all luck—this human body, the intricacies of it—all luck, than it does to believe in a deity.”

No, Bill, it doesn’t take more faith—it takes more brains. Humans have been on earth for at least 50,000 years, but we’ve only known that the sun, not the earth, is the center of our solar system for 500 of those years. It’s been even less time that that view was commonly accepted. It was not an act of intellect, not faith, that lead Copernicus to discovering this fact.

I may become a premium member of, if only just to ask him this one question: Does O’Reilly believe that the earth is the center of the solar system, and that the sun rotates around us? If not, he must accept that the the same scientific thinking that led us to that conclusion has discovered with the same certitude exactly how the moon got there, what causes the earth’s atmosphere, and what allows life to exist and evolve here.

New York Times editor Bill Keller recently blasted Fox News for its deleterious effect on national news. His criticism certainly applies to Bill O’Reilly whose inane insistence that “science can’t explain how celestial bodies came to be” dials back the progress of human thought by about 500 years.

It’s this head-in-the-sand idiocy that creates a fertile environment for climate deniers, and their convictions are among the most dangerous to humanity. Al Gore tried to explain climate science to O’Reilly, but given this “how did the moon get there” video I doubt Gore will ever be able to break through.

O’Reilly’s boss Rupert Murdoch should be ashamed—surely he knows better. At least we hope he does.