Todd Cole Directs Elle Fanning in New Rodarte Film Scored by Deerhunter

Los Angeles-based photographer Todd Cole directs a hazy, Terrence Mallick-inspired film for the Rodarte fashion line.

Todd Cole Directs Elle Fanning in New Rodarte Film Scored by Deerhunter

“The Curve of Forgotten Things” is the second short film by Rodarte, the fashion line created by Kate and Laura Mulleavy. The short films are means of creating something artistic and showcasing Mulleavy’s new fashion collections.

The previous short was also directed by Todd Cole and scored by No Age. However, this new short is something else entirely: sublime.

Everything, from Cole’s overall direction, the cinematography and the coloring to the mis-en-scene, the Rodarte outfits, the concept and Deerhunter’s gauzy ambient hymns are ecstatically beautiful. Cole should be directing films for the love of God. He managed to tell a transcendant story in the form of a Rodarte advertisement.

The short film would have fallen apart if the Mulleavy sisters’ clothes weren’t so wearable. Fanning displays the artistry of fashion design as she pirouettes from room to room. It’s quite breathtaking.

At about 3/4 of the way through the short film, the story reaches its zenith of sublimity with Deerhunter’s music swelling and buttressed by a beat as Fanning stands in front of what looks like a star: a star that seems to warp the curve of the time and space, allowing for costume changes, Fanning’s disappearance into a wall and a subtle hint of teleportation.

That it was filmed on a Red Camera is equally amazing (even if Cole was using 70s Cooke lenses, careful lighting and a wonderful colorist in post-production).

Someone, please give this man a screenplay and budget.