Obama Is Back on Everyone’s Gaydar

Obama is back on track with the LGBT community.

Obama Is Back on Everyone's Gaydar
The gays love ‘im.

The pink tide has turned in Obama’s favor.

After months of challenging interactions with his gay base, which included heckling from gay protestors at events and a drop in contributions from the community, Obama is back on track with LGBT voters.

The reversal, which took successfully repealing DADT and an administrative abandonment of the Defense of Marriage Act, which he ruled unconstitutional, has put Obama back on the gay radar as a positive force for the community.

As a bisexual man who doesn’t hook up with guys, and having a brother who is gay, I have the good fortune of speaking to affluent members of the gay community, mostly in New York. Circa 2010, phrases I heard about Obama included, “He’s not even a blip on the radar anymore. Nobody talks about him,” as well as, “You know, it’s actually becoming trendy to be a Republican.”

I know: a group of gay east coast Republicans could have been a sign of the end times, and a description that woud have fit rather nicely into Bill Murray’s “dogs and cats living together speech,” towards the final scene of “Ghostbusters.” Yet it very well could have happened, had Obama nixed his “on my watch” commitments to the gay community in favor of the status quo.

Obama is moving in the right direction towards same-sex marriage being nationally recognized and socially accepted. What would you say, it’s five years out, maybe 10? Unless we totally regress and allow a Palin, Pawlenty or Huckabee presidency. Gay voters are not wont to let this occur.