Gang Gang Dance Releases New Track ‘Glass Jar’

Listen to a sneak peak from Gang Gang Dance’s forthcoming album “Eye Contact,” to be released May 9.

Gang Gang Dance Releases New Track 'Glass Jar'

“Glass Jar” sounds something like Vangelis mixed with two of the more ambient Krautrock bands, Cluster and Harmonia.  At 11 minutes plus, it’s a hypnotic synth jam, recalling at times both John Hughes movies and ’80s fantasy film soundtracks.  And there’s definitely a dream-pop 4AD thread running through the veins of the song, too.

About halfway through, the song shifts tempo with Liz Bougatsos’ voice floating atop the synths and percussion.  The song is a melting pot of sorts, with tribal drums giving way to synthetic Caribbean instrumentation.

Have a listen.