Anonymous Threatens Military Base Holding Bradley Manning

It seems the champions of free information are seeking to “disrupt online activities” at the Quantico, Virginia base where Private Bradley Manning is being held.

Anonymous Threatens Military Base Holding Bradley Manning

Here comes Anonymous again.

The occasion?  To fuck with the military base holding Private Bradley Manning, alleged to have leaked Pentagon documents to WikiLeaks, though no one has been able to establish this as fact.  And while Julian Assange assumes the image of a free information and hactivist rebel, it really is Manning who should be the icon.

According to a Financial Times article, Anonymous have set their sights on the military because of the inhumane treatment received by Manning as a prisoner in solitary confinement.

“Anonymous members appear to have broadened their targets by suggesting attacks on the US military. On publicly accessible document-sharing sites, they have been discussing plans to target the brig in Quantico, Virginia, where Private Manning is being held under what his attorney said were unjustifiable conditions.”

What do Anonymous plan to do, specifically? “[H]arass staff at MCB Quantico Brig to the point of frustration” and create a “complete communications shutdown” of the Quantico base’s infrastructure, including internet pages and facilities.

Lieutenant Agustin Soliva, a Quantico spokesman, has called Anonymous’ announcement a crime in and of itself, which strikes me as particularly authoritarian, placing it within the realm of what can only be described as an Orwellian “Thoughtcrime.”

All of this comes hot on the heels of Anonymous’ hack of the HBGary Federal website, which was one of three intelligence firms with connections to the U.S. government hired by Bank of America to bring down both WikiLeaks and Anonymous—which, of course, is merely the usual U.S. economic sabotage techniques made public for all to see, which I detailed in my article “What Would Che Say?

Naturally, Anonymous “bitch-slapped” their pursuers, but will they be able to bitch-slap the military?