The Grassroots Movement to Recall Governor Scott Walker

Wisconsin citizens have begun state-wide grassroots movement to recall Scott Walker.

The Grassroots Movement to Recall Governor Scott Walker
The matinee sign of Madison’s old RKO Orpheum Theater.

The movement to recall Scott Walker has begun.  Officially, the recall election cannot be held until Walker’s one-year anniversary in office, but United Wisconsin is attempting to collect 700,000 online pledges (far above the 540,208 signatures needed to trigger a recall).

If you live in Wisconsin and would like to sign a pledge to recall Walker, visit the United Wisconsin website.  While an online pledge might not achieve much in the short-term, it will help with the logistics of gathering the petition signatures when the time comes.  It also an undeniable symbolic act, especially if the online pledges exceed 540,208.

As of March 16th, 2011, United Wisconsin has gathered 162,100 online pledges, nearly a third of the required recall total.  All of this in but a few weeks of action.

To help recall the 8 Republican Wisconsin Senators, go to  Others sites you can visit are, and