Aubrey Plaza: The Perfect Snotty Comedian

Facebook is a self-centered technology through and through.  Even though this has been understood since its inception, I’m still surprised sometimes to see just how conceited its users can be.   I know a lot of it is all in good fun, but there’s something about the “celebrity doppelganger” craze that I just don’t like.  Everyone, at one time or another, has been told that they look like someone famous, and whether that’s true or just meant to flatter, this trend is a way for some people to revel in that compliment for as long as they choose to leave their lookalike as their profile picture.

The whole thing put me off a little, so I skipped it, but I think if I had picked someone that looked a bit like me, it would be Aubrey Plaza.  She’s a young comedian most recently seen in the movie Funny People and the NBC comedy Parks and Recreation, and I’m a little thrown by just how much I like her – and it’s not just because we share the same bangs and owl eyes.  She’s caustic, sharp, and has this perfect sense of comedic timing.  She’s been the perfect snotty teenager in everything I’ve seen her in thus far, and I’d be interested to see her cast in a slightly sunnier role to see if she can pull that off just as well (although I’m beginning to believe she’s the Michael Cera type: typecast, but in a way that works well for both actor and audience).

Anyway, I was looking online to see if I could find any of her stand-up.  There’s very little of it on YouTube, but I did come across this spot-on impression that she did of Sarah Silverman for an SNL audition.  It’s really uncanny – the celebrity doppelganger of my celebrity doppelganger, perhaps?

I can’t wait to see her in the upcoming movie Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, but I’m hoping more for some new original material.  Comedy Central, take note!  This girl needs a special!