BBC Facebook App Designed to Make You Feel Stupid and Bad About Yourself

Fuck the BBC and their college dream.

BBC Facebook App Designed to Make You Feel Stupid and Bad About Yourself

The elitist thieves at the BBC have launched an app called “The Book List Challenge” on Facebook.

Like a lot of New Yorkers I run into “Oh, have you ever read” conversations way more than necessary. They end in two ways.

One ending results in a group of guys and girls in plaid shirts drinking shitty beer bullshitting about an author’s potency (“he’s confident yet self-effacing”). The other ending: “Oh my god! You never read that!” It’s as if you’ve blasphemed all of Williamsburg and the Lower East Side with your silly presence. The super-serious essays in Jonathan Lethem’s “Disappointment Artist” are that good, guys. Seriously.

The BBC app calls into question: How one-sided and self-aggrandizing is Facebook to become? “The Book List Challenge” is such a thinly veiled attempt at social equilibrium it’s nauseating. It should be called “The BBC Hey I’m Fucking Smart, Look at All the Shit I’ve Read List.”

I should launch an app called “Awesome Shit I’ve Done.” You want to participate? Here are some of the actions you can click off and share with your buddies:

  • Made out with Alicia Silverstone
  • Killed a bear by strangling it with a python
  • Masturbated while surfing
  • Turned down a major-label record contract to fulfill my sadistic fantasies of ruining my friends’ lives for the betterment of culture
  • My recommendation for the BBC list: Click off every book. If you haven’t read them yet, trust me, you’ll get around to it.