‘Atlas Shrugged’: A Made for Tea Party Movie

At last, Ayn Rand’s epic work of radical capitalist fiction is set to be released April 15th.  Look for the “Atlas Shrugged” movie playing near you and learn to throw a capitalist hissy fit.

'Atlas Shrugged': A Made for Tea Party Movie

The long, strange trip of “Atlas Shrugged” to the silver screen has reached its end, after much fanfare at CPAC (Conservative Political Action Committe) where it was searching for a distributor to surmount those damned liberal gatekeepers in Hollywood.

“Who is John Galt?”  Well, he’d be something like Henry Ford, if Ford had decided to disappear because labor unions threatened his cherished creation—the assembly line.

The adaptation of “Atlas Shrugged” is directed by Paul Johanssen of “Beverly Hills 90210″ (he played John Sears) and “Highlander: The Raven.”

Rand was principally concerned with the idea that the state and collectivist concerns (labor unions, social programs, etc) would limit the greatness of humanity.  Would that she were alive now to see this objectivist, radical capitalist philosophy taking root inside the halls of government and business, regardless of party—her dream has manifested for the elite, but not for all (see: General Electric’s tax dodging.)  She had something of an individualist flavor to her thought, perhaps influenced by Max Stirner’s “The Ego & Its Own” (read it), but whereas Stirner’s philosophy didn’t advocate for unrestrained capitalism, Rand’s did.

Competing political philosophies play out in “Atlas Shrugged,” and from the look of the trailer, the same will be true of the faithful adaptation, officially titled “Atlas Shrugged: Part 1.”  Rand’s thought experiment explored what might happen if a capitalist captain of industry decided not to bless the world with his genius any longer.  If this captain cannot profit, then he quits.

Former Representative Dick Armey’s group FreedomWorks is engaged in an effort to get the film screened nationwide on 300 screens, according to the National Journal.  The April 15th premiere is synchronized with scheduled Tea Party Tax Day rallies.  Clever.

Who is John Galt?  The right wing’s fantastical wet dream.

The irony here is how wrong Rand turned out to be in the final analysis—corporate barons and their radical capitalist philosophy have never been so well-represented in government.  Rand’s Galt would never have to bow out of the system.  Why?  Well, Galt now controls the system.

Watch the trailer below, then consider going to the premiere and throwing apples and pies at the screen.