Anarchists Planning ‘Disruption Spectacular’ at Prince William’s Wedding

I stand corrected: Anarchists are planning protests during Prince William’s wedding.

Anarchists Planning 'Disruption Spectacular' at Prince William's Wedding

The Disruption Spectacular is being organized by Charlie Veitch, leader of the Love Police Academy and unemployed banker, who—as a philosophical and political anarchist (is there any other kind?)—simply cannot accept the actions of the British government, and plans to strike at the symbol of the ancestors of monied aristocracy: the monarchy.

How will they go about protesting the monarchy, whose upper class opulence is an insult to austerity? Fireworks, protesters clothed in black, and loud music to drown out media broadcasts.

Veitch and other Love Police have a history of protests, appearing in Toronto at the G8/G20 summit and the UK’s 2010 student protests against tuition hikes. Veitch himself comes from a privileged background (his father moved constantly for oil industry jobs), but renounced it after his banking job was made redundant.

Veitch’s bio on the Love Police website states the following:

Upon graduation, I promised myself I would never wear a suit, nor would I work in an office. Fate threw me suited up into an office for seven years, and seven years exactly. This was my tour of duty in the illusory world of hierarchical control, greed, fear and systemic hypnosis… There were, of course, moments of stunning humanity in my time in “the office” working as a financial adviser and all round salesman for the corporate control grid. I met people who inspired me, people who helped propel me out of the locked way of thinking that a big corporation (in my case HBOS PLC) demands of the minds in attendance… But fate had different ideas in store for little Charlie. The economic controlled demolition of the world monetary system had me out on the street by the 1st May 2009, jobless. Suddenly I was able to do what I wanted to do, and the destiny I was too scared to enact for myself was thrust upon me, a truly humbling experience – because without losing my job would I be where I am today, megaphone and camera in hand shining a light up the asshole of evil, seeing what it is made of?

The asshole of evil, indeed, Mr. Veitch.