Fat Singer From Fall Out Boy Now Skinny

Patrick Stump lost a lot of weight.

Fat Singer From Fall Out Boy Now Skinny

This is exactly the type of total body transformation we like to see in the music industry. Look at Patrick Stump—he’s as svelte and delicious as a young Madonna.

Why did he take off all the weight? For fashion, of course. As told to New York Mag:

“I lost a lot of weight; I buckled down and worked out. Then my clothes don’t fit. All of a sudden you can try on good-looking stuff. I wasn’t hiding behind hoodies and whatever anymore, and so I kind of went overboard. I just recently realized that I don’t own T-shirts or jeans. I really only bought shirts and ties and sports coats and stuff. So that’s really the majority of it. And, obviously, I’m a musician; I care about aesthetic.”

Thank god for aesthetics. Lock up your doors A.P.C. and Opening Ceremony—Patrick Stump cometh.

[Skinny photo via NYMag]