Rachel Maddow: Insane Indiana Abortion Bill Says ‘Accurate’ Info Unnecessary

New state law forces doctors to tell women considering abortions that the procedure incurs a greater risk for breast cancer. In related news, lying is now an okay thing to do.

Rachel Maddow: Insane Indiana Abortion Bill Says 'Accurate' Info Unnecessary

Indiana’s government has its eye on your vagina, and it will tell you anything to get what it wants.

On last night’s episode of “Rachel Maddow,” the MSNBC host aired her grievances with the Indiana legislature and House Bill 1210, which “will make Indiana one of the most pro-life states in the nation.” This feat is accomplished through lying.

In addition to shortening the window for legal abortions following conception, Bill 1210 also requires doctors to tell their patients that abortion increases the risk of breast cancer in women. As Maddow points out in the following clip, that’s patently false.

(Note: In the clip, Maddow also tells the one about the Florida Democrat who got in trouble for saying “uterus” in front of the legislature, presumably because such things are icky.)

Links between the procedure and cancer have been studied for over 50 years. A state government telling its residents that abortion causes breast cancer is exactly the opposite of what the federal government, the American Cancer Society, and countless medical experts say: There is no evidence of any association. The only organizations touting a connection host websites like AbortionBreastCancer.com, which looks like the Xanga I had in middle school and features such illuminating explainers as “Estrogen — ‘The Smoking Gun.'” Please, go on.

The part of Indiana’s legislation that makes me most proud to be an American is its complete and purposeful ignorance of scientific fact. According to the Indianapolis Star, Democratic State Senator Vi Simpson had proposed an amendment that would require information given to women to be “medically and scientifically accurate.” That amendment was struck down.

Did I need to tell you this was a Republican-controlled legislature? If you hadn’t figure it out by now, that last paragraph should have left no doubt.

So now Indiana doctors will be required by law to lie to their patients instead. Fetuses (or “pain-capable children,” as the state’s anti-abortion lobby apparently refers to them) have a right to life, but pregnant women don’t have a right to reality.

Maddow hit the nail on the head with this one, also bringing to light the vast array of pro-life legislation currently on the docket in other states. It paints a sobering picture of the future of reproductive rights at a time when every other feature of the social safety net seems endangered in capitol buildings across the country. What a time to be alive.