Kurt Cobain’s Most Awkward Interview: ‘Everyone Wants to Be Hip’

Kurt Cobain clearly hated Riki Rachtman.

Rikki Rachtman, the douchebag MTV host of Headbanger’s Ball, who jumped through a cake in the video for Guns ‘N Roses’ “November Rain,” was probably the worst candidate to have interview Nirvana MTV could have offered.

Cobain showed up to Headbanger’s Ball in a large yellow gown. Over the course of the ten-minute interview, Cobain said about 25 words before taking a nap.

Rachtman epitomized everything Nirvana hated. Not only was he buddy buddy with the lame bands of the pop-metal era, he also owned a club called the Cat House in Los Angeles where glam bands got their start.

When Rachtman asked Nirvana about their influences Cobain rattled off a list that included R.E.M. and The Pixies. “I’ve heard of about three of those bands,” Rachtman responded.

The interview really shows the changing of the guards that occurred in music over the next three years. “Headbanger’s Ball” dithered until cancellation, guys like Axl Rose became nothing more than tabloid fodder, and Nirvana’s legacy continues today.

Above all else, Nirvana were the first of mainstream bands who didn’t really care about getting laid and being famous. In fact, the fame killed them.