Mississippi Republicans: Interracial Marriage Should be Illegal

The hits just keep on coming.

Mississippi Republicans: Interracial Marriage Should be Illegal
Happy couples like Ice-T and Coco make a lot of conservatives in Mississippi very unhappy.

Everyone take a deep breath: 46% of Mississippi Republicans think interracial marriage should be illegal, according to a Public Policy Polling survey.

I guess I’ll ask the dumb question, which is, why is that even a question? Why are we asking anyone how they feel about interracial marriage? It is Two. Thousand. Fucking. Eleven.

The short answer is, apparently, because a lot of Republicans in Mississippi will answer negatively if you give them the chance! Not as big a surprise as I wish it were—remember, this is the same state that proposed a license plate honoring a KKK leader (to which the state’s NAACP president responded, “Seriously?”, perhaps the greatest quote in a news story ever).

I’m at a loss here, Mississippi. I’m from the South, I have a lot of family from the South, and I know the region gets a bad rap for a lot of things it doesn’t necessarily deserve anymore. But it really doesn’t make anyone look good when the majority of conservatives in a red state say blacks and whites shouldn’t be allowed to get married. Especially at a time when the rest of the country seems less than a decade away from allowing gays to tie the knot.

That said, give credit to the uber-progressive 40% of Mississippi Republicans who boldly gave their blessing to interracial marriage. They, at least, aren’t publicly racist as fuck.