Arizona Passes Guns-on-Campus Law

Because Arizona hasn’t already satisfied its quota of gun incidents…

Arizona Passes Guns-on-Campus Law

Apparently the message Arizona’s State Representatives took from the Gabrielle Giffords shooting is that we need more guns.

The Arizona House of Representatives yesterday approved a new law to allow guns to be carried either out in the open or concealed in “public rights of way, such as campus streets and roadways,” according to Reuters.

Arizona follows Utah as the second state in the union to allow for such a law. As the Daily Beast points out, Utah encourages guns on campuses even more explicitly, including in its legislation campus buildings as safe harbor for concealed weapons, along with the standard “public rights of way.”

These gun laws, of course create a philosophical quandary: if your fellow countrymen are going to be allowed to bear arms that can potentially be used against you, then you yourself are a sitting duck if you don’t also have a gun. The only way to make the danger level equitable and fair is for nobody to have guns or for everyone to have guns. Arizona, along with Utah, has come to the inexplicable conclusion that it’s safer for everyone to have guns.

The problem with this decision, of course, is human nature. Humans are fallible, emotional, subject to fits of irrational misjudgment, and occasionally just plain evil. If you put guns in the hands of all people, a certain percentage are almost guaranteed to use them for harm. Sure, if everyone surrounding Jared Loughner had been carrying concealed weapons someone might have shot him before he managed to killl or injure 20 people. But this situation is still far more dangerous than if no one, including Loughner, had a gun in the first place.

Nine such states are considering gun laws similar to Arizona’s this year. If they pass, they’ll be sending a clear message: don’t come here unless you come armed and prepared to defend yourself.