Police Officer Pepper Sprays Punk Baby Squirrel

A police officer in Mesquite, Texas used pepper spray to heroically save a group of middle school children from a menacing baby squirrel.

Police Officer Pepper Sprays Punk Baby Squirrel

The officer claimed that the baby squirrel, like the one above, was assailing a group of middle-school children and that he resorted to pepper spray because he feared the squirrel was rabid.

As everyone knows, squirrels are punks. They’re responsible for greedy, destructive nibbling, torturing cats by luring them into trees, and in the case of this little squirt, terrorizing middle-schoolers.

Luckily, one of the young students taped the heroic act and posted it on YouTube.

In the video below you can hear the children asking the officer to stop—bleeding heart brats.

[Via Fox]