Don’t Stuff My Knut: Ode to a Polar Bear

To stuff or not to stuff a dead polar bear, that is an odd question.

Don't Stuff My Knut: Ode to a Polar Bear

Oh Knut! Off to the spirit world
you were seized—so young, so unexpected.
Seest not our sorrow
as we morn thee with blog posts?

At birth, your mother shunned you,
but we embraced you, a celebrity bear
gracing the cover of Vanity Fair,
outshining Leonardo DiCaprio.

Raised by the hand of man,
you called Berlin home, never knowing
natures polar regions,
which were melting anyway.

At four years old you kicked
the proverbial bucket. Such a brief
and engrossing life.
You deserve the finest funeral,

a feast, a celebration for the world’s
infatuation. But no, you will be stuffed
at the behest of money hungry men,
looking to prolong your fame’s profit.

Don’t stuff my Knut, cruel world!
I protest to protect his honor,
Not with picket signs,
but with shoddy poetry.