China Bans Time Travel

Moral of the story: Don’t mess with Chinese history.

China Bans Time Travel

Time-travel based dramas are all the rage in China, begging the question: Are they really that ahead of us? But as fate would have it for the people of the People’s Republic the Chinese Government is not a fan of the genre in the slightest.

As reported on Chinahush the decision to get rid of this beloved genre was made by a Television Director Committee Meeting in April:

“The time-travel drama is becoming a hot theme for TV and films. But its content and the exaggerated performance style are questionable. Many stories are totally made-up and are made to strain for an effect of novelty. The producers and writers are treating the serious history in a frivolous way, which should by no means be encouraged anymore.”

Sounds fair enough. Where’s the fun in watching television with exaggerated plot lines anyway? Sorry Bill and Ted.