Horrible Conservative Ryan Sorba Thinks Gays Should Just Be Called “Anti-Christian”

Right-wing activists love to claim homosexuality doesn’t exist. Now Ryan Sorba’s telling his conservative chums to call same-sex love “anti-Christian” among other things.

Sorba, the vitriolic and vile leader of the Young Conservatives of California, said at a conservative conference last weekend that rather than using the term “gay,” he and his allies should find a new term for LGBT people.

“Stop using the word ‘gay,’ because it we continue to give them this term that is grounded in an identity, we’re conceding the premise that it is an identity,” said Sorba, before offering a few semantic suggestions, such “sodomy,” “unnatural vice” or “anti-Christian.” I’m surprised he didn’t just say, “Oh, call them ‘faggots,'” because that’s basically what he means.

Like so many of his allies, Sorba insists that gay “is a left-wing socio-political construct designed to create grounds for fundamental rights [based on] whimsical capricious desires.”

He goes on, “Gay identity does not exist.”

Now, none of this surprises me: conservative homophobes like Sorba, a man who once refused to shake an “intrinsically evil” gay man’s hand, are constantly playing linguistic war games with their ideological enemies. That’s fine. I can deal with that, but the consistent messaging that “gay” doesn’t exist has no basis—actually, scientists have rudimentary evidence that LGBT people are, in fact, quite natural—and to tell an entire population of people, people who are often beaten, heckled or worse for their sexual orientation, that they are confused or ignorant qualifies as one of the most offensive arguments I’ve ever heard, especially since I know my homosexuality is as biological as my blue eyes.

Sorba’s arguments that LGBT people “choice” a life rife with discrimination and hatred are comparable to telling a woman who was raped that she “asked for it.”

Luckily, recent polls show that more and more Americans are accepting not only of LGBT people, but marriage equality, as well, and one day soon Sorba and his ilk will be a thing of the past, like Neanderthals, another biological entity fundamentalist conservatives deny.