Trump May Announce Announcement of Presidential Announcement on ‘Apprentice’

Find out whether genius businessman Gary Busey will be the next “Apprentice” AND discover if an Ewok stapled to a man’s head will run for president.Trump May Announce Announcement of Presidential Announcement on ‘Apprentice'

As many of you know, we’re big fans of Donald Trump and his inane ramblings, conspiracy theories, corporatist agenda and winning hair style, so we were excited to learn (via Bloomberg) that he “may” reveal an announcement about his presidential aspirations on the finale of his horrendous and impossible-to-resist reality TV show.

According to Bloomberg:

The season finale of “Celebrity Apprentice” may also include a hint of real estate developer and program host Donald Trump’s next pursuit, his office announced today.

Trump may reveal the time and place of his announcement on whether he will seek the Republican nomination for president during the May 22 broadcast, according to an email from Michael Cohen, executive vice president and special counsel to Trump.

Can zombie Abraham Lincoln please now appear and kick Trump in the junk and get us out of this horrible nightmare?