Roger Ebert Gets His Voice Back

Today, Oprah will air her highly anticipated interview with celebrated film critic and journalist Roger Ebert. The man who is synonymous with film criticism in America has become a hero to many recently thanks to his insightful film critiques, helpfulness with fellow journalists, prolific Twitter account and his Esquire profile. The magazine published a brilliant and artfully detailed profile of the man, including his battle with cancer that left him missing half his jaw and without a voice. A voice that any film buff or pop culture vulture can still remember explaining the beauty behind the man films he saw and cherished and attacking and criticizing the ones he hated.
So its amazing to see that he has it back, sort of. In the video below, via Videogum, we see what technology can really do. With state of the art computer programming and thousands of hours of old footage of Ebert, they were able to create a system where in Roger can type in what he wants to say and the words will actually be formulated with his OWN voice. Prepare the box of tissues and remember there are reasons to not be cynical.