Brian Eno Releases New Song ‘Glitch’ [Listen]

Brian Eno is set to release his new album “Drums Beneath the Bells” on Warp Records. For now, stream “Glitch.”

Brian Eno Releases New Song 'Glitch' [Listen]

Since at least 2004, Brian Eno has been obsessed with auto-tune.  Not as it was thrust on us by Kanye West and the rest of the R&B-Hop Hop crowd, but as a means of creating a disembodied, “angelic” voice.

On “Glitch,” the angelic and digital voice reappears but with a vaguely German accent, as if Eno were not singing but either Florian or Ralf from Kraftwerk.  In fact, some of the synths on “Glitch” sound rather like they were inspired by Kraftwerk’s underrated 2003 album “Tour de France Soundtracks.”

The album “Drums Beneath the Bells” is actually a project that was begun in 2003 with artist Rick Holland, who supplied the words. It is being released as a CD, digital download, Hardback 2CD Edition (includes 44-page book & second disc with instrumental versions of tracks from the album), and 12″ Double Vinyl (includes mp3 download code of the original album).

Here is the album’s tracklisting:

1. bless this space
2. glitch
3. dreambirds
4. pour it out
5. seedpods
6. the real
7. the airman
8. fierce aisles of light
9. as if your eyes were partly closed as if you honed the swirl within them and offered me … the world
10. a title
11. sounds alien
12. dow
13. multimedia
14. cloud 4


15. breath of crows

Stream “Glitch” below.

Brian Eno – glitch (taken from Drums Between The Bells) by Warp Records