Gary Busey Will Campaign For Donald Trump

Trump/Busey ’12? A man can only dream.

Gary Busey Will Campaign For Donald Trump

The first thing that is on every American’s mind come election day: Who is Gary Busey voting for? Worry no longer.

In a not very shocking turn of events, “ex-Celebrity Apprentice,” and all-around asskisser Gary Busey has officially announced his allegiance to former boss and fellow hair hater Donald Trump.

And who better to advocate for Trump’s presidency than the man who was paid to compete on his show for his affection? Busey has even gone as far as to put his “Celebrity Apprentice,” skills into use by coming up with what may be an election-winning acronym for the potential candidate:


It sort of makes sense? Either way, it’s the result of some solid brainstorming. My only wish now is that fellow “Celebrity Apprentice” contestent Meat Loaf steps it up and writes a Trump-themed rock opera—or at least the campaign song.

(via Buzzfeed)