23,000 Bunnies Dead in Easter Sunday Massacre

Yes, there is a Great Easter Bunny Hunt.

23,000 Bunnies Dead in Easter Sunday Massacre

On Easter Sunday in America, we’re accustomed to Easter egg hunts. Children wake up Sunday morning then run gaily about the house looking for hidden eggs and baskets full of goodies. Afterwards, parents punish their children by forcing them to attend Easter Mass.

The secular portion of holidays like Easter and Christmas were invented to deal with the stress of actually having to go to church. On Easter, New Zealanders seem to enjoy their secularity with a twist of irony and pure violence.

The Great Easter Bunny Hunt is a charity organized in Southern New Zealand. The event does not defy its title.

This year over 23,000 bunnies met their death within the scopes of a few hundred Elmer Fudds. Says one trigger-happy bunny killer: “We kept going for the full 24 hours with hunters always ready to shoot.” Jesus.

The hunters say the bunny population is out of control and the event really rids annoyed farmers of crop-eating wascally wabbits.

Unfortunately for the bunnies, not everyone is resurrected on Easter Sunday.