Watch Grandma Read Tyler, the Creator of Odd Future’s Tweets

Tyler, the Creator gets the Grandma treatment.

It’s always funny when old people do things that are meant for young people: smoke pot, have sex, and perhaps funniest of all, swear.

Last fall a character going simply by the name of “Grandma” popped up on YouTube in an old upholstered recliner surrounded by crochet, and began reading Kanye West’s tweets aloud.

Then in a Christmas reprise, Grandma came back with a a fresh round of tweet-reading, this time from 50 Cent’s Twitter feed, which included this whopper: “I’m confused now I want a black girl who can do anal like it’s nothing. I’m sorry I was just watching porn.”

Now Grandma returns just in time for summer and drops a Twitter dose from Odd Future’s Tyler, the Creator. Sporting a cap from Supreme, she lays out Tyler’s first writerly gem: “Her titties are yelling at me like, Ahhhhh” Nice, grandma, nice.
[via Rap Radar]