E-Cigarette Company Helping Users Find Friends

Have you ever been smoking your e-cigarette and thought, I really wish I knew if there were any other e-cig smokers within 50 feet of me. No?

E-Cigarette Company Helping Users Find Friends

Smoking cigarettes has long been an invitation to socialize with people you don’t know. Ever since smoking has been banned from nearly ever inch of New York City, the tobacco-sucking, nicotine-addled citizens have banded together in packs outside bars, restaurants and clubs. They smoke in confined spaces, in the cold, and in the rain. They bum Newports, Parliments, Marlboros and American Spirits if you’re in Brooklyn or the East Village. They light up with matches, lighters and fire-barrels.

There’s a sense of depressed camaraderie between smokers. They know how much money they’re wasting ($12.50 a pack in NYC), the lungs they’re blackening, and the lifespan they’re shortening.

However there is an even greater sense of embarrassed unity between the people that are attempting to kick the habit. Whether they use a patch, gum or simply go cold turkey they’re at least trying even as the gathering in front of the bar beckons.

One of the recent developments in the struggle to break the cigarette smoking habit is the e-cigarette. In recent years the e-cigarette has seen a significant boost in popularity. The rechargeable packs simulate the experience of smoking, yet the user inhales water vapor instead of tobacco and chemicals.

According to the New York Times, Blu, one of the manufacturers of e-cigarettes is attempting to bring the social aspect of smoking cigarettes to the electronic cigarette smoking community. When a Blu user is within 50 feet of another, their “smart pack” will light up and vibrate like a cell phone receiving a text message.

These “smart packs” can even be set to exchange information exchange contact information. So instead of asking for a girl’s phone number while sharing a few drags and buying a couple drinks, your pack of e-cigarettes can help you e-stalk e-stantly!

“You’ll meet more people than ever just because of that wow factor,” said an over-enthusiastic Jason Healy, founder of Blu. “It’s like with any new technology.”

What separates e-cigarette users from actual cigarette users is they aren’t confined to marked off area in theme parks. They can smoke in their office or hospital if they feel the urge. In fact the people I’ve seen use e-cigarettes aren’t making a big show of it. They use the product while on the move, not in front of their office building during a lunch break.

So paying $80 for a pack of cigarettes with social networking capabilities seems to be a little unnecessary. At least that’s how 24-year-old smoker Brooklyn resident Adam Alfandary feels.

“I think that’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard in my life,” said Alfandary who continues to smoke in part for the social aspect. “And I’m saying that in full acknowledgement that smoking is one of the dumbest things I can do.“

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