S.C. Tea Party Holds Rally At State House, Only 30 Folks Show Up

After a week of legislative defeat and a cancelled celebrity appearance by Donald Trump, the Tea Party seems to be losing momentum.

S.C. Tea Party Holds Rally At State House, Only 30 Folks Show Up

The South Carolina Tea Party experienced a hilarious defeat on Thursday. Expecting up to 2,000 people to show up at the State House rally, only a staggering 30 made it. And it probably wasn’t even because the Tea Party agenda was defeated twice this week, even though the South Carolina legislature passed measures approving tax breaks and increased spending measures that the group opposed.

As we know, Donald Trump announced his decision to stay out of the 2012 presidential race this week. Along with that news, he also canceled his much anticipated appearance at the Columbia, SC rally. As his replacement, the Tea Party got the much less exciting Gov. Nikki Haley to speak on government transparency. Let’s face it — no one wants to see that.

This comes as the second Tea Party flop in a month, as the Tax Day Rally, starring Tea Party favorite and possible presidential candidate Michele Bachmann, attracted a mere 300 attendees. That’s only one-tenth of the turnout for the same event in 2009.

It’s always easy to write off the Tea Party as a joke, or fear-mongering populism, or a corporate-funded illusion to fool working class Americans. But come on guys—just look at that photo. Don’t you feel just the tiniest bit sorry for them? Yeah, me neither.