Justin Bieber Fever Now Has an Official Scent and Commercial

The pop sensation’s bizarre perfume commercial suggests wearing his new scent will result in a Bieber-infused acid trip.

Justin Bieber Fever Now Has an Official Scent and Commercial

Justin Bieber knows his target audience. It’s divided into two powerful yet completely different segments. On one hand Bieber has the likes of Usher and Diddy eating out of the palm of his hand. Puff even gave Biebs a $200,000 Lamborghini for his 16th birthday. On the other hand he also realizes he makes tween and teen girls cream their Abercrombie jean shorts. So what’s a pop sensation to do with this immeasurable power and influence?

Make a perfume for his ladies.

Now it seems Justin is getting business tips from his mentors. In other words he’s learning how to market the shit out of himself, and like Diddy and Usher he’s releasing a perfume for women called “Someday.” The fragrance’s name uses a genius marketing ploy of suggesting to his obsessive fan base that if you wear this perfume you have a better chance of banging Biebs.

Bieber’s cultish appeal secured the success of the perfume even if it were to smell like the Hudson River, but the newly released commercial spot will have girls beating down the doors to buy “Someday.”

The 30-second video shows a girl spraying herself with the official scent, and a second later being smelt-up by a leather jacket-clad Bieber. Then in a blinding and confusing combination of quick cuts and powerpoint slides the lucky girl is transported to some cloud nine fantasy land in the sky where Bieber gives piggy-back rides and sort of recreates the Sistine Chapel depiction of the creation of man. Except in this case the unnamed girl is the one who comes ever so close to the untouchable—not God—Bieber.

It’s an absolutely ridiculous concept, which will undoubtedly result in entire middle schools reeking of Bieber fever.