Cults: "Go Outside"

Not much is known about the New York film student duo Cults. They have no myspace page, and their page on Bandcamp (you can download their 3 song 7″ here) has pretty much no information about them. Their mystery only adds to the natural and visceral feeling of the song; pulling on every Spring loving part of you.
So I think this is an appropriate video for a day that feels so quintessentially Spring like. It starts out with a hauntingly bizarre quote from cult leader Jim Jones, and perfectly captures the impatient excitement of the forthcoming summer. Make the jump to see the video.

The cutesy vocals, pounding tribal drums and a glockenspiel that fades in and out is conducive to sitting in a park all day, just watching all the happy people walk by. Lyrics like “You really want to hole up/ You really want to stay inside and sleep the light away” pester you to go venture outdoors.
I see this song, and video, as an inspiration to anyone who is locked into the 9 to 5 workday; watch this half an hour before you gracefully duck out for the day, and you’ll most likely spend the whole evening wondering in pent-up enthusiasm.
It’s not an official video however. Just some footage the creator Helene Park shot on a vacation to Maui. It’s as visually stunning as auditorily appealing, and it’s not hard to listen to it over and over because of the short length of the tune and how fucking catchy it is.
Enjoy, and Happy Spring (break)!

Go Outside from Helene Park on Vimeo.