P. Diddy Changed His Name To “Swag” For A Week [Video]

We’re not sure how we missed this. Or rather, we were happier having missed this.

P. Diddy Changed His Name To Swag For A Week [Video]

Last week, via Youtube announcement, Sean “P. Diddy” Combs let the world know that, for a week, he was changing his name to Swag.

Yep. Swag. The widely used hip-hop term, most recently popularized by Odd Future, which Merriam-Webster defines as: a) something hanging in a curve between two points, or, b) goods acquired by unlawful means. But to most people, it just means the way you carry yourself. You know, your swag.

Well, between bedridden spells of fever dreams in his surely silken bedsheets, P. Diddy decided it’d be a good idea to, once again, change his name, for a week. In the video he states:

“I was sick for a week, and I had a lot to think about when I was almost dying underneath the covers with a fever,” he said. “But I’m not dead, I am alive. So I decided that I’m going to change my name for a week, in honour of my comeback.”

P. Diddy even created a Twitter account for his short-lived new title @iamswag. Watch the video announcement below featuring Diddy’s peons shouting “Swag!” maybe 10,000 times.