Fat Cats For Sale

15 bucks to adopt an overweight cat, hundreds of dollars in veterinary bills.

Fat Cats For Sale

An Ohio animal shelter is trying to put the burden of taking care of a fat cat on someone else. Instead of the normal adoption price of $70, the shelter is willing to give adopters these porky pets for a mere $15 or two for $20.

The Capital Humane Society says that a total of nine out of the 55 cats are obese and are desperate to find a home. As adorable and chubby as they might seem, these fat cats are in need of love and exercise to help them shed the pounds:

“Some people think it’s cute,” Development manager Mary Hiser said. “They don’t realize it can lead to their cat needing insulin shots or having early heart failure.”

Zebe, the largest cat for sale, weighs in at a hefty 23 pounds. A healthy, average weight for a cat is about eight to ten pounds.

Workers at the shelter are hoping that tender love and care will help the cats shed the weight:

“The best thing we can do for them is get them out of here and running through someone’s home so they can get some exercise,” Hiser told The Columbus Dispatch. “We want them to have a healthier lifestyle.”

So head over to Ohio for a 15 dollar cat. Just don’t forget about the food, the shots, and the extra worry about your animal’s health that comes along with the pounds.