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A 24-hour guide to Honolulu in January

Our window was small, because the workplace calls. This is how we got the most out of Honolulu in 24 hours.
In Entertainment by Andrew Poitras / January 26, 2015

How did you celebrate Sailor Jerry’s birthday?

The surly legend would have been 104 years old this week. Happy birthday, Norman 'Sailor Jerry' Collins.
In Entertainment by Andrew Poitras / January 20, 2015

Function Don’t Freeze: A wish list of Winter essentials

46 degrees when you're speeding down a hill on a cruiser feels a lot more like 23 degrees.
In Holiday by Andrew Poitras / November 25, 2014

What real artists had to say about selling out to Sour Patch Kids for a free place to stay

Sour Patch Kids look to 'start long-term relationships with indie music artists and their fans' by opening a swanky crash pad in Brooklyn. THE HORROR.
In Music by Andrew Poitras / November 6, 2014

R Stevie Moore perfectly happy with never having quit smoking at age 62

Is it the 18 year difference in age that affords psych-rock institution R Stevie Moore his millenial approach to puffing?
In Music by Andrew Poitras / September 23, 2014

5 tips for L.A.’s emerging lifestyle photographers with Magdalena Wosinska

A lot of photography has to do with psychology.
In Uniqlo LA by Andrew Poitras / September 10, 2014

Alexander Spit offers 5 tips for emerging producers in L.A.

One of L.A.'s brightest in the game, Alexander Spit, has been in studios the last few years with everyone from Bago to Action Bronson. Here are his 5 keys he used to crack the code.
In Uniqlo LA by Andrew Poitras / September 2, 2014

Breaking into L.A.’s pro styler industry with Nico X Ortega

Nico Ortega left Seattle behind to join the ever-expanding league of dreamers in Los Angeles, and it just might have been the best decision he ever made.
In Uniqlo LA by Andrew Poitras / August 28, 2014

Bryce Vine’s top 3 destinations for hanging in L.A.

I'm notorious for misjudging a metro on vacation, simply because I couldn't find my way out of the town square or the city mall.
In Uniqlo LA by Andrew Poitras / August 26, 2014

What makes Meg Myers feel at home in LA?

Before Meg Myers became a cult sensation, she was a young, homeschooled Jehovah's Witness residing with her family in Smoky Mountains, TN.
In Uniqlo LA by Andrew Poitras / August 25, 2014

Ryan Traster on the top 5 places to make an album in Los Angeles

Some of the most important songs of our modern lives began in cramped Compton bedrooms; while other equally important rock records were commissioned out of well-equipped studios on Sunset Blvd.
In Uniqlo LA by Andrew Poitras / August 19, 2014

Guys’ Top 5 ways to stay stylish in L.A. with Flamcis of The Blvck Sheep

Guys, let's just get honest with each other for a moment: we don't know (and usually don't care) how to dress ourselves.
In Uniqlo LA by Andrew Poitras / August 18, 2014

Creating a style: How to stand out as a professional artist in L.A.

As an artist, Perri knew that only the bold would survive.
In Uniqlo LA by Andrew Poitras / August 14, 2014

Premiere: Exmag remixes ILLUMNTR, musicians from space

NYC's insanely sexy and enigmatic Exmag is making Soundcloud ripples again, this time with the future-oriented remix of labelmates' Illumntr's 'Gulf Hymn.'
In Music by Andrew Poitras / August 13, 2014

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