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Ray Charles was the grandpa the establishment wanted us to have. Chuck Berry was the uncle they wanted us to forget.

Berry was a lawless prick who wanted to use his guitar to rip off and abuse mainstream America to his own liking.
In Music by Art Tavana / March 20, 2017

Notorious B.I.G. remix of ‘Serial’ theme is ridiculously addictive

Like any suspenseful nightmare, including the still-unsolved murder of rapper Notorious B.I.G., the saga of "Serial" isn't going away any time soon.
In Music by Art Tavana / December 19, 2014

Cuban cigars are now legal! But wait, there’s way more…

Oh, and yeah, you can rock those Che Guevara t-shirts without being shamed as a Communist sympathizer, or worse, a hippie.
In News by Art Tavana / December 19, 2014

Chris Rock on ‘The Interview’: You can buy it on 125th Street right now!

Rock's currently promoting his obviously hilarious new film "Top Five" as "very Korean friendly" entertainment for the holidays.
In News by Art Tavana / December 19, 2014

Best new artists of 2014

Often times a debut can be like musical puberty. These artists skipped ahead to full maturity on their excellent 2014 debuts.
In Music by Art Tavana / December 16, 2014

10 reasons why KISS murdered rock ‘n’ roll

For 40 years, KISS has been castrating the credibility of rock 'n' roll through various re-branding efforts and cheap tricks.
In Music by Art Tavana / September 16, 2014

​RiFF RAFF will not fail

After three years of hype, enigmatic white-suburban rapper RiFF RAFF finally released his first proper LP in June.
In Miller by Art Tavana / August 29, 2014

Future Islands’ Samuel T. Herring is Normcore

If "Normcore" had an ambassador, it would be Samuel T. Herring, the frontman of Baltimore synthpop band Future Islands.
In Miller by Art Tavana / August 27, 2014

Photos from FYF Fest 2014

Over the weekend, FYF Fest 2014 (which moved from L.A. State Historic Park to a new location, Exposition Park) was a hub for indie music fans.
In Music by Art Tavana / August 26, 2014

tUnE-yArDs plays outside the ordinary

Merrill Garbus is the leader of one of the weirdest-sounding projects in the world
In Miller by Art Tavana / August 20, 2014

Mac DeMarco is beyond caring what you think

By way of Edmonton Canada, 23-year-old Mac DeMarco permanently looks like he hasn't slept for a month.
In Miller by Art Tavana / August 13, 2014

Colleen Green is an original

Colleen Green did it her way.
In Miller by Art Tavana / August 6, 2014

Pop music is making us depressed. But there’s a happy pill for that

Why are we so depressed? Well, that would require a book, but science show us our popular music is part of the problem.
In Music by Art Tavana / June 13, 2014

Does Lars from Metallica actually suck?

Let's face it, Lars is really just the Ringo Starr of metal; a legend, sure, but he's always going to be the funny looking outsider.
In Music by Art Tavana / June 11, 2014

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