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Ludacris: ‘I will destroy your favorite rapper’

After taking off with the high-speed The Fast & The Furious series, Ludacris is making his grand return to music with his eighth LP, Ludaversal. But can he maintain his hip-hop pole position?
In Entertainment by Death and Taxes / March 24, 2015

Is this man performing backyard cunnilingus or giving a rimjob?

The question has circulated among Death and Taxes staffers for at least 45 minutes. The following is an abridged transcript from the DT chatroom, Friday March 20, 2015 at approximately 12:47 p.m. EST.
In News by Death and Taxes / March 20, 2015

I Went To Five Different Starbucks To See Who Would Talk To Me About Race

It’s worth mentioning at this point that I never drink coffee. Ever.
In News by Death and Taxes / March 18, 2015

My beautiful dark twisted action flick

From the pages of VIBE to theaters around the globe, the "Fast and the Furious" franchise has become a cinematic juggernaut since its 2001 debut. Vin Diesel shares a personal history of the movies that made him a superstar.
In Entertainment by Death and Taxes / March 16, 2015

See Tacocat and Rose Windows rock the new Dr. Martens Seattle store

A few days ago we partnered with Dr. Martens to host Tacocat and Rose Windows for an amazing jam at their new store in Seattle. Chris from Rose Windows hit the decks while Tacocat rocked the sugary pop goodness like only they can. Check out the photos below!
In Sponsored Post by Death and Taxes / June 13, 2014

We’re giving away tickets to The Thank You Festival in D.C.

There're tons of fests to choose from this summer, but we're sending you to one for free.
In Music by Death and Taxes / June 4, 2014

‘Game of Thrones’ kind of sucks

Actual conversation from a Death and Taxes staff chatroom, Friday, April 18, 2014. 2pm ET.
In Features by Death and Taxes / April 18, 2014

The best albums of 2013

We say it every year, but 2013 really was an incredible year for music.
In Music by Death and Taxes / December 20, 2013


British pub-crawlers Minx stand for the youth, and demonstrate this stance wildly through their '77-era oi-punk sounds and unbelievable live shows.
In Music by Death and Taxes / August 30, 2013

Casa Indio comes to The Windy City

A music and art experience across borders!
In Sponsored Post by Death and Taxes / August 21, 2013

The 10 Most Underappreciated American Icons

What's an icon? It's not just someone who is successful or rich or famous. No, an icon has to stand for something, regardless of the outcome.
In Sponsored Post by Death and Taxes / July 2, 2013

Bonnaroo in Photos

Bonnaroo, the hippie-jam mudfest with more than a healthy dose of hip-hop, EDM, and indie throughout, has come and gone.
In Music by Death and Taxes / June 16, 2013

Widows talk hardcore, augmented reality and free event

Widows, comprised of MC Jimmy Jams and producer Bobby Evans, create some quirky and uplifting hip-hop, despite the subject matter of the duo's current single "Croc."
In Sponsored Post by Death and Taxes / June 6, 2013

Check out our White Arrows Video Diary from Coachella

White Arrows played Coachella and we documented the whole thing.
In Music by Death and Taxes / May 11, 2013

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