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Labor Day: Cheap Payment for Union and Activist Blood Spilled Through the Ages

Labor Day is a federal holiday that morphed into an end-of-the-summer ritual: one last chance for a family vacation before the school year starts. But its origins lie in the Socialist and Anarchist movements.
In News by DJ Pangburn / September 1, 2014

Sweat and ecstasy on the festival trail 2014

DJ Pangburn gives us his round-up of three far-flung and lesser-known music festivals.
In Music by DJ Pangburn / July 12, 2014

Brazil: Forget World Cup loss and face Rio’s militarized gentrification

The military police making Rio's favelas safe for the World Cup and 2016 Olympics are really just the guns of forced gentrification.
In News by DJ Pangburn / July 10, 2014

Primavera Sound’s Pablo Soler on building a better, more sustainable music festival

As Primavera Sound Festival 2014 kicks off, co-founder Pablo Soler talks about the music festival business.
In Music by DJ Pangburn / May 29, 2014

Solar Bears go cosmic prog on ‘Last to Leave Morning Dawn’

It wasn't too long ago that Solar Bears released "Supermigration," an excellent chunk of psychedelic electronic music. But the band's John Kowalkski says they're gearing up for yet another album.
In Music by DJ Pangburn / May 16, 2014

Michael Sam was not exploited during the NFL draft

Michael Sam used the media in the grand tradition of past and present media activists.
In News by DJ Pangburn / May 12, 2014

Clark’s ‘Phosphor’ show steals Moogfest 2014

Clark, with adoxo's analogue oscilloscope-fueled visuals, brought the house down at Moogfest.
In Music by DJ Pangburn / April 27, 2014

Draq queens vamp in Hilary Parkin’s ‘How Long’ video

Hilary Parkin evokes Billie Holiday, Amy Winehouse, and Norah Jones in the video to her single "How Long (I Need to Know Now)?"
In Music by DJ Pangburn / April 26, 2014

Obama’s NSA reform leaves out email, text and social media

Obama's call for NSA reform fails to address surveillance of email, text, social media, and mobile communications.
In News by DJ Pangburn / March 25, 2014

Startup culture is all about the sell out

WhatsApp's sale to Facebook reminds us all that the startup game is about selling out one way or another.
In News by DJ Pangburn / February 21, 2014

Is America’s Sochi coverage the result of Cold War propaganda?

We need to understand that every time we look at Russia, we see the country through the eyes of Cold War-era propaganda.
In News by DJ Pangburn / February 13, 2014

This surreal short film pretty much sums up Generation Y

Saso Sedlacek's 'Jobless Avatars' is a hilarious bit of video hacking, soundtracked with Ace of Base's "All That She Wants."
In Entertainment by DJ Pangburn / February 7, 2014

A new Android app will show users who is mining their GPS data

Rutgers University researchers want to help you watch the watchmen. Dig it.
In News by DJ Pangburn / February 1, 2014

Following Guy Gerber down the rabbit hole at Story

Guy Gerber soundtracked an early morning Patrick Bateman-esque fantasia at Story in Miami. Minus all the blood and Phil Collins.
In Music by DJ Pangburn / January 25, 2014

Jessy Lanza muses on Timbaland, Carole King, and sampling

Let the Hyperdub artist tell you how she sampled Kate Upton and Terry Richardson's "Cat Daddy" video.
In Music by DJ Pangburn / January 24, 2014

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