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Interview: Kele Okereke

"I kind of felt like a fraud. " Bloc Party frontman Kele Okereke talks about reservations on his earlier lyrics and about his new intimate solo album, "Trick."
In Music by Doug Bleggi / October 23, 2014

Interview: Wayne Coyne on the Flaming Lips’ ‘Sgt. Pepper’

With a Little Help From My Fwends is party of artists getting in touch with their inner freaky side while having fun playing a record they know by heart.
In Music by Doug Bleggi / October 15, 2014

Pete & Pete band Polaris play amazing show despite Nickelodeon event SNAFU

The organizer of a Nickelodeon nostalgia event got the plug pulled after a sexist, racist rant. Polaris broke off and played a fantastic show anyway at Brooklyn's Bell House.
In Music by Doug Bleggi / October 10, 2014

Nickelodeon event cancelled due to racist, misogynist organizer, Pete & Pete band reschedule

What should have been a fun and innocent discussion about childhood under the orange glow of Nickelodeon unexpectedly devolved into misogynistic and racist drivel. Thankfully, New Yorkers will still be able to see Polaris play.
In News by Doug Bleggi / October 8, 2014

Life From Above 2014: An interview with Death From Above 1979

Death From Above 1979 made raucous, gut-punching punk that you could either dance, or throw a garbage can through a window to.
In Music by Doug Bleggi / September 18, 2014

My sprawling, endless interview with Perfect Pussy

The noise-punk band's lead singer Meredith Graves holds nothing back in our insightful and hilarious conversation.
In Music by Doug Bleggi / March 31, 2014

Interview: Kevin Drew

"Darlings," the first Kevin Drew record independent of the Broken Social Scene name, sounds focused on being a new step—there’s more room than ever and this one comes from a more personal standpoint.
In Music by Doug Bleggi / March 18, 2014

Album Review: Fanfarlo: ‘Let’s Go Extinct’

Fanfarlo's third album, "Let's Go Extinct," is the perfect album for pondering your existence or overlooking a city on a crisp evening (or both).
In Music by Doug Bleggi / February 24, 2014

Too punk to be punk: An inside look at one of indie rock’s most important bands, Sebadoh

Lou Barlow and Jason Loewenstein talk about the uphill climb or being a middle-aged indie rock band, hardships with former members, and people who think their songs are about them.
In Music by Doug Bleggi / February 18, 2014

Live review: Speedy Ortiz at Brooklyn Night Bazaar

Young indie rock heroes Speedy Ortiz hit up Brooklyn Night Bazaar this past Friday and we have photographic evidence.
In Music by Doug Bleggi / February 10, 2014

Photos: Brendan Canning at Mercury Lounge

Photos: Michael Bleggi When I spoke with Broken Social Scenster Brendan Canning about his new solo album "You Gots 2 Chill" last fall, he told me of his touring plans and how he planned to assemble a full band for playing some new songs. After some Visa problems and some personnel changes, Canning finally came…
In Music by Doug Bleggi / January 26, 2014

Interview: I Break Horses

I Break Horses' Maria Lindén talks about their new album "Chiaroscuro," the product of personal psychosis and a self-imposed Twin Peaks marathon.
In Music by Doug Bleggi / January 21, 2014

Carrie Brownstein hints at Sleater-Kinney reunion

Sleater-Kinney fans everywhere might have a reason to get jittery in 2014.
In Music by Doug Bleggi / January 7, 2014

Photos: Perfect Pussy at Brooklyn’s 285 Kent

Syracuse noisepunk band Perfect Pussy filet a fiery crowd at 285 Kent.
In Music by Doug Bleggi / November 23, 2013

Photos: Blood Orange at Brooklyn’s 285 Kent

Dev Hynes plays the record of his life in its entirety at 285 Kent.
In Music by Doug Bleggi / November 18, 2013

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