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Ghost in the machine: How your social media presence outlives you

The number of living users as early as 2065. Ever wonder what will happen to everyone?
In News by Emma del Valle / July 7, 2014

The Doritos origin story: Repurposed garbage from Disneyland

Yes, it's true—Doritos were born in a Disneyland dumpster.
In Features by Emma del Valle / May 1, 2014

The rules of talking about Hitler

In which we discuss Godwin's Law and Reductio Ad Hitlerum, two concepts that illustrate how this bastard impacted the way we express ourselves sixty years later.
In News by Emma del Valle / April 17, 2014

James Deen is ‘trying to make the coolest porno’

Deen is one of the few people who can casually talk about gangbangs as if he were describing socks purchased at H&M.
In News by Emma del Valle / March 26, 2014

This fake chess-playing robot from the 1700s fooled everyone for 60 years

If the next season of "American Horror Story" doesn’t work any of that in somehow, that’s their loss.
In Entertainment by Emma del Valle / March 20, 2014

‘Bit rot’ could turn the Internet into an accidental Library of Alexandria, piece by piece

The bits that make up our digital heritage could "rot."
In News by Emma del Valle / March 19, 2014

Appreciate the Netflix plot synopsis writer

Everything on Netflix or Hulu provides some kind of up-front information, no matter how sparse or misleading. If you've paid attention, you know that these synopses can be more delightful than the movies themselves.
In News by Emma del Valle / March 18, 2014

‘Haunch of Wolf in Venison Sauce’: Remembering when Parisians ate their zoo

This menu was served on the 99th day of the Siege of Paris, during the long winter of the Franco-Prussian War. Paris had to auction off its zoo animals for meat when it couldn't afford to feed them.
In News by Emma del Valle / March 17, 2014

Is this Creepypasta story about Google Maps the future of horror fiction?

Google Maps has been uncovering a new dimension of reality since it came online. There will soon be a new niche of horror fiction based on this new alternate reality.
In Entertainment by Emma del Valle / March 14, 2014

The week in vanishings: Malaysian Flight 370 update and the East Harlem gas explosion

Weird, bad things like to dance in the wake of other weird, bad things.
In News by Emma del Valle / March 13, 2014

What’s so important about Seth MacFarlane’s ‘Cosmos’ reboot?

Fox isn't the network you'd expect to air a documentary miniseries featuring a child-friendly cartoon illustrating the brutality of the Inquisition-era Catholic Church toward heretics.
In Entertainment by Emma del Valle / March 12, 2014