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California just enacted its first fracking rules, one of which is ‘More fracking!’

Needless to say, fracking next to six percent of the nation’s food supply isn’t likely to produce any delightful "you got peanut butter in my chocolate!" situations.
In News by Michael Pearl / September 26, 2013

Need to flake on something tonight? Use the Gmail outage as your excuse

Fortunately for us, Google’s updates about the problem are nonspecific enough to be exploited for personal gain.
In News by Michael Pearl / September 23, 2013

China is flooding part of Myanmar to generate power Myanmar can’t have

in 2011, Myanmar’s new president, Sein Thein, sort of said (not a direct quote) "Wait. Why are we letting you do this? It’s a huge drag for our country."
In News by Michael Pearl / September 13, 2013

Ecuador is turning its rainforest into oil wells

They've sold off the jungle for the oil underneath.
In News by Michael Pearl / August 21, 2013

Will the Fukushima crap-chute ever end?

An environmental report shows that the damage may be much worse than anticipated.
In Features by Michael Pearl / August 13, 2013

Is Obama’s climate change program just PR?

Our ecological expert on Obamas Climate Change plan.
In Politics by Michael Pearl / July 25, 2013