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Guy who masturbated in co-worker’s coffee gets off, charges dropped

Apparently spunky coffee doesn't meet the requirements of criminal sexual misconduct.
In News by Schwartz / November 21, 2014

The politics of Mayor Quimby from ‘The Simpsons’

To see a brighter, more hopeful image of politics, we turn, of course, to Matt Groening's Springfield, USA.
In Features by Schwartz / June 12, 2014

The politics of Mayor Lenny Clotch from ‘Ghostbusters’

Mayor Clotch is in some respects, the quintessential New Yorker — abrasive, demanding and perpetually impatient.
In Features by Schwartz / December 31, 2013

What a song with over one hundred million notes sounds like

So-named because their notation is dense-to-the-point-of-blackness, Black MIDI compositions feature millions upon millions of unique notes, resulting in a squeal of tones that would make Skrillex cry
In Music by Schwartz / October 10, 2013

Rapper Tribe One writes the ultimate hip-hop ode to comic books

Taking his cue from Blackalicious's tongue-twisting "Alphabet Aerobics" track from 1999's A2G EP, Tribe One tears his way through a hefty stack of Marvel comics in perfect alphabetical cadence.
In Music by Schwartz / October 10, 2013