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Watch: Exclusive Premiere of Geron Hoy’s ‘King of Pangea’ Music Video

On a cold and rainy day last April I was standing on a cliff on the Long Island Sound trying to build a giant blue screen with a group of friends and trying harder to imagine an epic visual effects fantasy landscape where the flimsy, unimpressive tarp was.
In Music by Sami Khan / September 26, 2011

Zach Wahls: Harry Potter Fan and 21st Century Civil Rights Hero [INTERVIEW]

When I spoke a few weeks ago with Zach Wahls, the 20 year-old Iowa student who has become one of the heroes of the LGBT and marriage equality movements, he was about to join the line for the midnight opening of the final Harry Potter film.
In Politics by Sami Khan / July 26, 2011

Update: Louisiana Christianists Piss on the Constitution at HS Graduation

A prayer at a high school graduation has paved the way for a lawsuit with real merit that will become a rallying cry both for those who support the Wall of Separation and fundamentalists who insist America has always been a Christian theocracy.
In News by Sami Khan / May 21, 2011

Christianists Celebrate HS Graduation by Persecuting Senior Who Believes in Separation of Church and State

Damon Fowler, a senior at Bastrop High School, a public school in Northern Louisiana, found out that in the Bible Belt believing in the Constitution is grounds for persecution
In Politics by Sami Khan / May 20, 2011

Game of Thrones: Review

A land torn by fierce political rivalries and ethnic hatreds. No, it’s not a documentary about contemporary America.
In Entertainment by Sami Khan / April 15, 2011

Trump May Announce Announcement of Presidential Announcement on ‘Apprentice’

Find out whether genius businessman Gary Busey will be the next "Apprentce" AND discover if an Ewok stapled to a man's head will run for president.
In Politics by Sami Khan / April 14, 2011

Donald Trump Wants You To Know He Has ‘A Great Relationship With The Blacks’

It’s official. Donald Trump has become this month’s Charlie Sheen (only with less laughs and more race-baiting).
In Politics by Sami Khan / April 14, 2011

César Chávez: While We Mourn What’s Been Lost, Let’s Fight Back

Today is César Chávez Day. A day when many of us commemorate the progressive legacy of the civil rights activist and founder of the United Farm Workers.
In News by Sami Khan / March 31, 2011

In Texas, Baseball Opening Day Inaugurated by Chicken Sacrifice

A pair of superstitious high-school ball players in Benbrook, Texas decided to try ending their slump by slaughtering chickens.
In News by Sami Khan / March 31, 2011

Biz Stone: Twitter’s Role in Egypt Revolution Overstated and Mark Zuckerberg has Multiple Personality Disorder

Biz Stone isn’t drinking his own Kool Aid. On Howard Stern this morning the laid-back and intelligent co-founder of Twitter said that the role of his company in the revolution in Egypt was overblown.
In News by Sami Khan / March 30, 2011

A New Birther Movement: Show us the Birth Certificate, Mr. Trump

A telegenic, well-financed and best-selling author, who may be a secret foreign agent, has aspirations for the Presidency? Not on my watch.
In Politics by Sami Khan / March 29, 2011

Holy Hell! Study Says Religion May Disappear in Nine Nations

If Glenn Beck is counting on a religious revival to take back the world and deliver us all to the planet Kolob, he better make sure and change his Mormon space underwear because he’s in for a long wait.
In News by Sami Khan / March 22, 2011

Bomb the Casbah

The Libyans are coming! The air attack on Libya is a shell game—a distraction from the Saudi-led Arab counterrevolution gathering steam in the Persian Gulf.
In Politics by Sami Khan / March 21, 2011

Peter King Hearing: Anti-Muslim Witch Hunts, the Klan, and Crying

Tearful testimony and shouting matches over the KKK and al Qaeda made for one of the most explosive, entertaining, and saddest chapters in Congressional history today.
In Politics by Sami Khan / March 10, 2011

Agents of intolerance: the Tea Party and Rising Anti-Muslim Hysteria

In the last six months the paranoid campaign against Muslim Americans has taken an ugly turn.
In Politics by Sami Khan / March 3, 2011

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