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Levi Johnston’s Run for Mayor a Reality

Remember Sarah Palin? While the Tea Party's topmost kettle has been keeping her whistle at low volume these days, leave it to little Levi to blow it. The sporadically bachelored single father has decided to take his everyman American roots (redneck turned parent turned playboy) and run for Mayor of Wasilla, Alaska -- you know,…
In Politics by Shannon Hassett / August 10, 2010

An Interview with Screaming Female Marissa Paternoster

To say Marissa Paternoster's had one hell of a year wouldn't begin to cover it. The debut album from her solo act, Noun, dropped last week as the announcement of a fall tour with band Screaming Females and an EP this September followed closely behind. Which is to say nothing of the group's performance at…
In Music by Shannon Hassett / July 16, 2010

Texas is the Reason: Catching Up with Surfer Blood

This was an article originally written for Issue 24 of Death+Taxes. Since sitting down with Surfer Blood at SXSW, the boys have continued their mission to play everywhere on earth ever. After joining this year's roster at Siren, they'll fly to Chicago for a set at the Pitchfork Festival on Sunday. And what better setting
In Music by Shannon Hassett / July 16, 2010

Against Me!’s Teenage Anarchist: All Grown Up and Getting Paid

When I meet up with Tom Gabel, we're sitting in the catering tent surrounded by band trailers at the Williamsburg Waterfront. The Silversun Pickups are sound checking on the enormous stage behind us, which faces outward towards the City and an almost pretty East River.
In Music by Shannon Hassett / July 8, 2010

Celebrity Voice Overs – More Than Just A Pretty Face

Let's be honest here, people. In the thirty some odd minutes you'll actually admit to watching TV each day (this is discounting all those hours in front of the tube telling yourself you have other things to do), you'll soak in more from the commercials than any intentional programming. As a result, corporations…
In News by Shannon Hassett / June 9, 2010

Doctor Who Makes a House Call to Lady Gaga

"Doctor Who" is one of those sacred little television shows, the kind that allows for its main star to change actors every few years without losing fans and employs campy special effects in place of the available advancements. It embraces its inherent geekiness and has maintained its integrity because of it, including the use of…
In News by Shannon Hassett / June 8, 2010

Patrick Stewart Officially Adds a 'Sir'

There are few people who had as strong of a grip on my youth as Jean-Luc Picard. My nanny was a trekkie, and as a result, many an afternoon was spent with that bald, commanding Brit acting as babysitter. And who better? Behind the fearless leader of the free world (and beyond) existed a sensitive…
In News by Shannon Hassett / June 2, 2010

Glee Gets Funky, Jane Lynch Gets Married

While I am much more partial to the gloomy, nonmelodic depictions of high school as found in Freaks and Geeks and My So-Called Life (the one exception to this rule being the two Daria music specials), I must say, Glee could be a whole lot worse. It doesn't go for groundbreaking, at least not in…
In News by Shannon Hassett / June 2, 2010

Palin Fends Off Wilson… With a Fence, Of Course

As a former fan of Home Improvement, I've always wondered what happened to good old Wilson. Tim Allen's career has certainly provided little mystery; there are only so many roles available after one grows rotund in that particularly spherical fashion, after all (these clearly being The Santa Clause 3 and a permanent return to voice…
In News by Shannon Hassett / June 1, 2010

Sex and The City 2 Loses the Good Vibrations

Well Carrie, it's not easy being Queen Bradshaw. There's the series to live up to -- remember, those six seasons full of witty dialogue, beautifully centered around our beloved Manhattan and chock full of Smith Jared-- yeah, those. And then there was the first movie, which, while possessing more than its share of faults, at…
In Music by Shannon Hassett / June 1, 2010

New Study Proves Calling Mom Relieves Stress: Duhhh

This study is essentially good for one thing: making 23-year-old girls the world over feel way less guilty about still needing to double check with their mothers before making important decisions. We could take this in the direction of our generation's prolonged childhood, which now extends well into the late twenties, but we won't. This…
In News by Shannon Hassett / May 13, 2010

Jenny Lewis Signs on for Brandon Flowers' Flamingo

Yes, yes, we all hate The Killers, but it's that hate that stems from songs that are so damn catchy you can't help liking them. Maybe. Just a little bit. Way deep down under that hardened, ultra hip exterior. So news of frontman Brandon Flowers' upcoming solo album could be just the ticket out of…
In News by Shannon Hassett / May 13, 2010

M83 is Back for Gilles Marchand's "Black Heaven"

I've always felt M83's music walks the poles; creepy or euphoric, but never background noise. And I can only imagine that's sort of what it's like when you fall in love with someone online, which makes Anthony Gonzalez's upcoming score for Black Heaven (L'Autre Monde) beyond perfect. Director Gilles Marchand's upcoming mystery flick, which is…
In News by Shannon Hassett / May 13, 2010

Breaking Dawn Stars Ask Summit to Up the Ante

A movie is nothing without its cast, and that goes tenfold for a series. You are building a brand around your stars, as films have long since been the stuff of artistry or taste. Even when they did possess potential, the knowledge that your trilogy was only as good as its lead's staying power was…
In News by Shannon Hassett / May 11, 2010

Playboy Gets Modern and Goes 3-D

If there were two things I had to guess didn't suffer losses in times of economic depression, one would be alcohol and the other porn. I'm wrong about porn, and there's no denying the publishing industry's quickly approaching death, so when that porn is of the paginated variety, you're faced with a double whammy. …
In News by Shannon Hassett / May 11, 2010

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