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The Obstruction of Justice League

Allegations of corruption ensnare not only the president's cabinet, but the intelligence community and Congress.
By: Drew Salisbury / February 27, 2017

CNN’s Jake Tapper has the best Philly accent on TV

Tapper adds six or seven extra vowels to any word graced with a long O or a short A.
By: Maggie Serota / February 23, 2017

Mayor John Fetterman and the Democrats’ best hope

"Trump didn't beat us. We beat ourselves and let him slip by with the slimmest of margins."
By: Steve King / February 20, 2017

The president should be tested for dementia

He's got the codes to the nukes, after all.
By: Jamie Peck / February 17, 2017

All the orange president’s men

Flynn was no loner. Trump and several associates all have had sketchy dealings with Moscow.
By: Drew Salisbury / February 14, 2017

Coping with Trump’s carnage

Hillary is definitely onto something with that whole walking in nature thing.
By: Steve King / January 29, 2017

Scenes from the Women’s March on Washington: ‘Enough is enough’

"I'm here as a human and a patriot. And my government will hear me."
By: Drew Salisbury / January 21, 2017

Trump supporters elated at D.C. inauguration: ‘Truth Looks Like Hate’

"You don't have to worry anymore," one man beamed as Trump was sworn in. "It's over."
By: Drew Salisbury / January 20, 2017

Keep calm and resist

Delegitimize this president until he and his twisted version of our politics have been wiped from the face of the earth.
By: Steve King / January 20, 2017

Our president is orange

He's a great man, no doubt, just not a very good man. In fact, he can be pretty terrible. But he's not history's greatest monster. Not yet, at least. 
By: Steve King / January 20, 2017

A tribute to Oscar

2001 (?) - 2017

The president America deserves

He may be bad, but we're the ones who voted for him. Who is more dangerous? 
By: Steve King / January 5, 2017

Obama, Trump, and the ungovernable nation

They are the dueling sides of the American character.
By: Steve King / December 19, 2016
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