Michael Flynn might be about to cut a deal in the Mueller investigation

Now things get really interesting.
By: Tim Donnelly / November 24, 2017

Trump’s Thanksgiving message to the troops is about how great a job he’s doing

Who doesn't love an awkward call from their boss on a holiday?
By: Tim Donnelly / November 23, 2017

Trump rage tweets at a columnist who was critical of his rage tweets

He's just saying the quiet part loud now.
By: Tim Donnelly / November 23, 2017

Trump goes on childish Twitter rant at LaVar Ball, demanding credit: ‘IT WAS ME’

Because Trump exists for adulation and nothing else.
By: Tim Donnelly / November 22, 2017

Jared Kushner’s role at the White House has been reduced to almost nothing

Trump wants Javanka to just return to New York already.
By: Tim Donnelly / November 22, 2017

Russian central bank official tried to schedule dinner date between Trump and Putin

The email subject: "Russian backdoor overture and dinner invite."
By: April Siese / November 17, 2017

Defense Department retweets demand for Trump’s resignation

The Pentagon....... welcome to the resistance.
By: April Siese / November 16, 2017

Roy Moore ruled that ‘minor children will be detrimentally affected’ by lesbians

Says the man who forced minors to touch his dick.
By: April Siese / November 9, 2017

Trump’s longtime bodyguard to be questioned about piss dossier

So was Trump hydrated or nah?
By: April Siese / November 3, 2017

Steve Bannon’s endorsement doesn’t mean shit, polls say

Trump's still does, though.
By: April Siese / November 3, 2017

Carter Page refuses to hand over subpoenaed documents pertaining to Russia probe

The chihuahua spoke to House investigators for seven hours.
By: April Siese / November 2, 2017

Pour out a jar of pee pee for Sam Clovis

Trumpster withdraws nomination for cabinet post because of Russia connection.
By: Brian Abrams / November 2, 2017

Former DNC chair reveals Clinton controlled party finances before winning nomination

Hillary had power over the Dems finances, strategy, and hiring decisions throughout the primary.
By: Drew Salisbury / November 2, 2017
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