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Trump is jealous of the size of the emir of Kuwait’s plane

Oh god now we have to go to war with Kuwait.
By: Tim Donnelly / September 8, 2017

Donald Trump Jr. now says he took that Russian meeting to learn about Hillary’s ‘fitness’ for office

Donny Jr. has changed his story on the meeting yet again.
By: Tim Donnelly / September 7, 2017

Trump releases ad saying Schumer, Pelosi ‘trying to stop him’ day after cutting deal with them

President Dealmaker outdealed himself on this one.
By: Tim Donnelly / September 7, 2017

More than 70 lobbyists and federal contractors own memberships at Trump’s golf clubs

A majority of them have golfed on days when the president was around.
By: Tosten Burks / September 6, 2017

Gary Cohn reportedly won’t be Fed chair because he criticized Trump’s Charlottesville response

The Sessions nomination should've tipped him off that sympathizing with white supremacists was a prerequisite for admin posts.
By: Jordan Freiman / September 6, 2017

Chuck Schumer calls Trump’s DACA repeal ‘heartless’ and ‘brainless’

He called on Republicans to put a bill reinstating DACA on the floor immediately.
By: Tim Donnelly / September 6, 2017

Trump might not have fully grasped the details of DACA repeal, aides said

Yet he still decided to end the program.
By: Tim Donnelly / September 5, 2017

Don’t worry. Totally effective moderates Jared and Ivanka are against ending DACA.

 The Royal Tenenbummers are wielding their huge influence yet again. 
By: Tim Donnelly / September 5, 2017

Peter Daou’s terrible new pro-Hillary site shows how truly lost the Democrats are

Daou, a longtime Democratic adviser, is trying to inspire the resistance by galvanizing (again) around Clinton.
By: Tim Donnelly / September 4, 2017

States are never going to fix their voting problems, and it’s going to get worse

The states aren't studying the problem. The feds aren't offering any money. And we're all screwed.
By: Tim Donnelly / September 4, 2017

Former Marco Rubio intern: ‘I don’t know what would happen to my life’ without DACA

Columbia sophomore Santiago Tobar Portes is afraid he'll become a second-class citizen again. 
By: Tim Donnelly / September 4, 2017

The Mooch has a new nickname in D.C.

A parting gift for his brief stint as White House comms director.
By: Alex Thomas / August 31, 2017

For Kamala Harris, single-payer is finally more than just a good ‘concept’

Harris will co-sponsor Bernie Sanders' single-payer healthcare bill, becoming the first Democrat in the Senate to do so.
By: Drew Salisbury / August 31, 2017

Trump taps former DeVry official to head department created to stop scam colleges like DeVry

The agency still has yet to process more than 1,000 borrower defense to repayment claims from former DeVry students.
By: Jordan Freiman / August 30, 2017

Ivanka Trump supports White House decision to ignore pay discrimination

The hero of absolutely nothing finally speaks up for something.
By: Tim Donnelly / August 30, 2017
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