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Anonymous releases alleged identity of Ferguson officer who shot Michael Brown

Anonymous is promising to release further info about the alleged shooter on a set schedule.
In News by Joe Veix / August 14, 2014

Anonymous takes action to protest police shooting of unarmed teen

"This is your only warning," Anonymous says in their statement.
In News by Joe Veix / August 11, 2014

4 Bitcoin Black Friday deals for subversives and bacon-lovers

Think of these deals as as some food for thought and the mouth.
In News by DJ Pangburn / November 29, 2013

Charges finally filed in Rehtaeh Parsons case

Two 18-year old boys have been charged with 'making and distributing child pornography.'
In News by Robyn Pennacchia / August 9, 2013

#OpUSA: Massive coordinated cyberattack hits U.S.

#OpUSA targets bank and government websites—10,000 credit cards have been leaked.
In News by Alex Moore / May 7, 2013

Anonymous calls for another internet blackout to protest CISPA

What could CISPA mean for you?
In News by Robyn Pennacchia / April 22, 2013

Anonymous is launching a news site

The group set out to raise $2,000 to launch a full-blown news website—they raised $54,660.
In News by Alex Moore / April 18, 2013

Anonymous promises to hack State of the Union to protest Obama’s executive orders

"Armed with nothing more than Lulz, Nyancat and PEW-PEW-PEW! Lazers, we will face down the largest superpower on Earth. And we will win!"
In News by Alex Moore / February 12, 2013

Anonymous documentary ‘We Are Legion’ now available DRM-free

Now, will Anonymous members and supporters pay for it?
In Entertainment by DJ Pangburn / October 31, 2012

Antisec’s FBI hack proves that government is lying about domestic spying

If the FBI is tracking at least 12 million Apple users, how many millions more are being tracked, and how is this legal?
In News by DJ Pangburn / September 4, 2012

Anonymous attacks Early Flicker over trademark attempt, t-shirt maker crying ‘uncle!’

The French t-shirt maker is no doubt regretting its attempt to trademark the Anonymous logo and slogan.
In News by DJ Pangburn / August 6, 2012

Tango Down: Anonymous takes down Syrian hackers’ website

The pro-Syrian hacker collective Syrian Electronic Army taunted Anonymous, and Anons responded in kind.
In News by DJ Pangburn / July 17, 2012

SpexSec: A solemn exit or just bluffing? (interview)

"The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist.... And like that he was gone." The Usual Suspects (1995)
In News by Carlton Purvis / June 12, 2012

SpexSec hack was retaliation for ignoring security warnings, targeted FBI agent

An exclusive interview with the new hacking collective SpexSec, which launched a high-profile leak yesterday in Tennessee.
In News by Carlton Purvis / June 12, 2012
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