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Recipient of taxpayer-funded healthcare calls single-payer bill ‘horrible’

"I can't think of anything worse than having government be more involved in your healthcare instead of less involved," Sarah Huckabee Sanders said. 
In News by Maggie Serota / September 13, 2017

For Kamala Harris, single-payer is finally more than just a good ‘concept’

Harris will co-sponsor Bernie Sanders' single-payer healthcare bill, becoming the first Democrat in the Senate to do so.
In Politics by Drew Salisbury / August 31, 2017

Bernie Sanders might save Obamacare

And Planned Parenthood.
In News by Drew Salisbury / July 27, 2017

Sanders ‘sickened’ by congressional shooter ‘who apparently volunteered for my campaign’

President Trump said that Hodgkinson died from injuries, but that info has not been confirmed.
In News by Maggie Serota / June 14, 2017

I never want to hear from Bernie Sanders again

He can't help but turn the whole operation into something about himself.
In Features by Steve King / April 22, 2017

Bernie Sanders: ‘Democrats should take credit for killing’ AHCA

Now would be a great time to push single-payer as well.
In Politics by Jordan Freiman / March 24, 2017

Bernie Sanders, who would have won, tears apart Trump’s speech like the media should have

"They’re not so cocky anymore about simply repealing Obamacare.”
In Politics by Jamie Peck / March 1, 2017

Bernie Sanders cracks the hell up over Trump’s healthcare repeal comments

The president is just realizing how complicated it is, and that’s hilarious.
In News by Jenni Miller / February 28, 2017

Sanders dunks on Trump for claiming a rally of his supporters would be ‘biggest of them all’

Trump seems to have forgotten about his own inauguration and the fact that he lost the popular vote.
In News by Jordan Freiman / February 25, 2017

Bernie Sanders, who would have won, calls out HHS nominee Tom Price on healthcare

Price offered bullshit deflections, but it was hard to hear him over the sound of that sizzling truth-burn.
In Politics by Jamie Peck / January 18, 2017

13 Democrats vote against Sanders amendment to lower prescription drug prices

Prescription drugs will remain prohibitively expensive for many.
In Politics by Jamie Peck / January 12, 2017
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