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Brian Eno’s final correspondence with David Bowie

"David's death came as a complete surprise, as did nearly everything else about him," Eno said.
In Music by Jordan Freiman / January 12, 2016

Brian Eno to release four albums of unheard materal

Brian Eno has announced the release of four full albums of previously unheard material this December.
In Music by Joel Freimark / October 23, 2014

Listen to the Brian Eno and Lou Reed mashup, ‘Metal Machine Music For Airports’

It actually makes "Metal Machine Music" listenable.
In Music by Joe Veix / March 6, 2014

Brian Eno to Release ‘Panic of Looking’ EP at Moogfest 2011

Brian Eno is returning with an all-new EP "Panic Of Looking" from the "Drums Between the Bells" recording sessions.
In Music by DJ Pangburn / October 25, 2011

Listen: Brian Eno Further Explores Poetry on New EP

No stranger to exploring the role of words in music, Brian Eno has a new Ep coming out on Warp in early november.
In Music by Kevin Pinner / September 14, 2011

Mixtape Madness: Days of the Week Mix

We celebrate the arrival of the Weeknd's new mixtape, "Thursday" with a kickin playlist that salutes each day of the week.
In Music by Doug Bleggi / August 19, 2011

Listen: Two New Brian Eno Songs

Brian Eno streams two new tracks—"Bless This Space" and "Pour It Out."
In Music by DJ Pangburn / June 14, 2011

Coldplay’s “Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall” Sounds A Lot Like “Viva La Vida”

Coldplay releases a new single and surprise, surprise it sounds like all their other songs.
In Music by Katie Milani / June 3, 2011

Mixtape Madness: Tribute to Brian Eno

In honor of his 63rd birthday this month, this week's tape will feature highlights from one of the world's most innovative minds in modern music.
In Music by Doug Bleggi / May 26, 2011

‘ARTICLE 12′: Juan Manuel Biaiñ’s Documentary on the Surveillance State

A documentary that screened at London International Documentary Festival is making critical waves about our increasingly Orwellian world.
In Entertainment by DJ Pangburn / May 16, 2011

Brian Eno Releases New Song ‘Glitch’ [Listen]

Brian Eno is set to release new album "Drums Beneath the Bells" on Warp Records.  For now, stream "Glitch."
In Music by DJ Pangburn / April 19, 2011

Roxy Music Touring Again After A Decade Hiatus

This year is starting to become the "year of reunions," and the geniuses from Roxy Music don't want to be left in the dust. Bryan Ferry, one of the group's founding members, announced that Roxy Music will be going on tour early next year for the first time in a decade. But don't get your…
In Music by Nick Nicoludis / July 16, 2010

Playlist: MGMT's "Brian Eno" and Other Weird Musical Shout-Outs

On their new album, Congratulations, MGMT pays a rather strange quasi-homage to the mack daddy of ambient music, Brian Eno.  The song, aptly titled "Brian Eno," was described in this way by band member Andrew VanWyngarden: "It’s kind of a vampire-punk-rock song about finding Brian Eno in like a cathedral in Transylvania. He’s like
In Music by Amy Rose Spiegel / April 28, 2010