Worker bludgeoned with high heel in Ivanka Trump’s China shoe factory

"He was bleeding right from the middle of the head."
In News by Jennifer M. Wood / June 28, 2017

Chinese rap group disses South Korea’s missile defense system

"Now I'm telling everybody all over the globe about THAAD / We say no, no, no."
In Music by Tosten Burks / May 12, 2017

Trump on North Korea: ‘We could end up having a major, major conflict’

Yes dude, that's what everyone's worried about.
In News by Tosten Burks / April 27, 2017

China pleads with U.S. and North Korea to calm tensions

Rest of world awaits @realdonaldtrump's response.
In Politics by Kenny Herzog / April 14, 2017

Tillerson suggests willingness to preemptively strike North Korea

Kiss your asses goodbye, everyone.
In News by Kenny Herzog / March 17, 2017

Watch the Chinese government casually drive a massive nuke through afternoon traffic

It's believed to be the DF-41 – capable of striking the U.S.
In News by Sophie Saint Thomas / January 16, 2017

China warns it ‘may take revenge’ if U.S. keeps screwing around with Taiwan

Ted Cruz, who met with Taiwan's president Sunday: I do what I want.
In News by Drew Salisbury / January 9, 2017
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