11 lists from the Chinese BuzzFeed ripoff that are totally better than anything on BuzzFeed

Their headlines, once fed through Google Translate, read like a glitched out, Horse_ebooks version of BuzzFeed.
In News by Joe Veix / October 28, 2014

Watch an asshole panda urinate on a bridge in this weird Chinese PSA

The ad has since been pulled from the air.
In News by Joe Veix / October 17, 2014

TV guide glitches, starts renaming shows like it’s on acid

Who wants to watch an episode of "The Chicken Spider-Man"?
In News by Joe Veix / June 17, 2014

One million cockroaches have escaped from a Chinese science lab

Pack your shit. We're going to Mars.
In News by Brian Abrams / August 26, 2013

Three Chinese Government Officials Levitate, Inspire New Meme

On June 26 the Chinese Huili County Government website displayed the below photo of city officials levitating over a freshly paved road. They went with the caption: "County mayor Li Ningyi and vice-mayor Tang Xiaobing are inspecting the newly constructed country road at Lihong Town."
In News by Carmel Lobello / June 29, 2011

Mars500 Study: Better As A TV Show?

First let me say, the Mars500 study sounds like the worst idea since my dad decided to invest in Amway when I was a kid. Furthermore, does anyone else think the mission would make for a great reality TV show? It may be a little boring at first, but they could pull some Truman Show-esque…
In Music by Nick Nicoludis / June 2, 2010

Would You Rather: Watch Tiger Woods Fake Cry or Siblings Ice Skate Sensually?

Watching Tiger Woods exhibit emotion, whether it was real or contrived, was an odd change of pace. We are used to Tiger being an alpha male, slamming clubs and cursing shots that aren’t within 15 inches of the hole. We are not used to Woods close to tears. Shit, we aren’t used to Tiger Woods…
In News by Matt Kiebus / February 23, 2010