Turkish women flood Twitter with pics after official tells them not to smile

Bulent Arinc's Twitter account is being spammed with photos of women smiling and laughing, under the hashtag "#direnkahkaha," which translates to "resisted laughter."
In News by Joe Veix / July 31, 2014

I joined Tinder as a dog

Even if you're a dog, online dating is terrible.
In Features by Joe Veix / May 13, 2014

How to smoke weed socially

In Entertainment by Alan Hanson / November 1, 2012

Cure for the 21st Century Blues: Cindy Crawford’s Pepsi Commercials

Memories of supermodel's soda commercials help alleviate contemporary stress.
In Entertainment by Andrew Belonsky / August 17, 2010

When Sex is a Religious Experience

Religion has a way of rearing its head in the most unwelcome of places, like the bedroom. Turn down the sheet, and there’s Jesus, Moses or whomever, staring you in the face. So what happens when religion pops up when you do? Should it come between you and your intercourse?
In News by Andrew Belonsky / June 8, 2010

When Voters Consume, Does Democracy Win?

With primaries well underway, and midterm campaigns heating up, Americans will soon be inundated with mass mailers, commercials, and a host of other politically minded marketing materials. Candidates advertise in much the same way as brands. We American citizens are not just voters: We’re consumers, ingesting civil servants the same way we do a favorite…
In News by Andrew Belonsky / May 26, 2010

The Amityville Horror House and American Demons

Have you heard that The Amityville Horror house is on the market for $1.15 million? It seems every news site has a mention of it. Why does America, including myself, care so much? It’s not just the demons in the Long Island home’s basement. …
In News by Andrew Belonsky / May 25, 2010

The Inverted "Gusher"

President Obama has finally started taking more administrative control in the Gulf oil spill by sending three cabinet officials to survey the BP-led cleanup. It’s unclear whether Obama’s action will help stem the criticism flowing his way. In fact, this story, like the oil itself, shows no idea of stopping and, as it continues to…
In News by Andrew Belonsky / May 24, 2010

We Need a (Super) Hero

Iron Man streaks into theaters again this weekend. Thor, The Green Lantern and Captain America will soon fight big screen injustice, while Superman, Spider-Man and Batman have long reaped Hollywood success. Clearly there's a demand for super heroes and their cinematic adventures. They’re flashy, exciting and bulging with testosterone. They're wonderfully entertaining, yes, but super…
In News by Andrew Belonsky / May 7, 2010

Charlie Crist and the End of Incumbency

Charlie Crist once held court as a Republican darling. The Florida Governor’s name had been bandied about as a potential running mate for John McCain, 2012 and just a few months ago looked like a shoe-in for the party’s Senatorial nomination. Now he may run as an independent. The Crist situation illustrates what may be…
In News by Andrew Belonsky / April 26, 2010

"Men's Rights" Movement Doesn't Belong On Top

There’s something queer happening among men in America. As society moves toward a more integrated, gender-blind direction, a small yet potent group of men are looking to rise up and reclaim the nation’s reigns. And their mission involves a prescriptive masculinity that, frankly, seems like a step back.
In News by Andrew Belonsky / April 14, 2010

Education, Texas Style, Whitewashes Democratic Ideals

Yee-haw! Texas conservatives prevailed in their academic culture war Friday, when the state’s education board approved a plethora of amendments that could alter curriculums across the nation. The move unabashedly injects some right-wing ideology into the nation’s collective syllabus, and, however unintentionally, runs counter to the very democratic ideals the board members celebrate. This episode…
In News by Andrew Belonsky / March 15, 2010

American “Jihad Jane” Used Internet To Plot Swedish Artist's Murder

An American woman calling herself "Jihad Jane" has been charged with using the Internet to gather terrorists and plot Swedish artist Lars Vilks' murder. Vilks drew jihadist ire -- and a $100,000 bounty --  for drawing a picture of Muhammad as a dog. The entire two-year story's one for the books, and "Jihad Jane," allegedly…
In News by Andrew Belonsky / March 10, 2010

Yeah, Obama’s Radical, and The Right Should Be, Too

The political lexicon relies in large part on buzzwords, like "patriot" or "socialist." And then there’s "radical," which the right wing applies more tenaciously to President Obama than almost any other term. The most recent usage stems from the word that Sean Hannity will soon publish a new book, Conservative Victory. Not surprisingly, it’s being…
In News by Andrew Belonsky / February 17, 2010

The Salahis, Congress and the Celebrity-Industrial Complex

It’s hard not to be disappointed in Washington these days. The health care debate’s dragging on.  There’s an unemployment crisis.  Scott Brown has won a seat on the Senate.  As you can probably tell, there’s ample material for critical fodder.   As if this weren’t enough, there’s Tareq and Michaele Salahi, who gained fame after crashing…
In News by Andrew Belonsky / January 20, 2010